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Student Nurses, Staffordshire 1960s.
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Veterinary Staff, UK 2003.
USA, 1990s.
Hong Kong, 1997. A Nurse's leaving do.
Sister from Melbourne Childrens' Hospital, 1970. As regards the cap, Australian correspondant Sue writes:
Imagine wearing that headgear around the kids - you'd think  they'd all be trying to tug it off (almost irresistible I would think).  Can't figure how she kept it on. 

Emergency Nurse Practitioner, 2000. From Phil.
Japan, 2003.
British actress Susan Penhaligon from the 1978 Australian film Patrick. From Philippa.
Japan, 2003.
A selection of American catalogues from 1970.
Civil Defence Nurses, UK 1953.
America, 1960s.
Hong Kong, 2003.