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UK, 1970s.
Canada, 1954.
Long distance-walking Practice Nurse, UK 2005.
Hi-res version
USA, 2005.
Scotland, 1960s.
QARNNS Rating, UK 1967.
UK, 2005.
USA, 1960s.
UK, 2005.
USA, 2005.
Germany, 1990s.
Four new vidcaps of Kathryn Apanowicz as SEN Rose Butchins from Angels. There's more of Rose on the Angels site.
USA, 1940s.
Germany, 1940s.
Canada, 1966.
Veterinary Nurse, UK 2005.
Practice Nurse, UK 2005.
Jenny Agutter from An American Werewolf in London.
Publicity still from the 1972 film
Night Call Nurses.